The  weekend of March 23--25th was a delight and adventure as we were asked to participate in this annual event held at Disney's Epcot Center, in Orlando, Fl.
We found ourselves in a place  filled with an abundance of blooming colors of spring  and  the smiling faces of visitors to this magical environment.  We met the public and spent time signing and embellishing Giclee' reproductions of our Fine Art pieces, which we  produced by Acme Archives LTD for this extraordinary occasion.
We came away  from this event with a warm sense of  simple goodness and so many people seeking beauty in the world around them, which is  offered so skillfully at this Wonderful World of Walt Disney's dreams. 
We were honored to be asked to participate in this special annual adventure.

The Tutwiler's participate in the annual Flower & Garden Event
 at Disney's Epcot Center, Orlando Fl. & the Food & Wine Event. 

A representing film crew for Disney LTD visits the Tutwiler Gallery, 
Rockport, Ma. and interviews the Tutwilers. 

Please enjoy the following video, from that meeting. 

The Tutwiler's prepare to meet the public at  Epcot's annual Flower & Garden event.
The Tutwiler's embellish some limited edition Giclee' reproductions at the Flower & Garden event 
Line' Tutwiler signs and embellishes one of her Fine Art pieces for a client at the Flower & Garden event text.
A Flower For Minie
16 x 20 oil by David Tutwiler
"Pixi Dust in the Garden" 
 20 x 16 oil by Line' Tutwiler
"The Garden Cottage Gift"
16 x 20 oil on canvas by David Tutwiler
"Dasie's Capture"
 11 x 14 oil on panel by Line' Tutwiler
"Mickey & Pluto Fall for It"
20 x 24 oil on canvas
by David Tutwiler
"Mickey's Suprise"
20 x 16 oil on canvas
by Line' Tutwiler
"Garden Picnic by the Sea"
by Line' Tutwiler
"Donald's Garden Railway..."
16 x 20 oil on canvas
by David Tutwiler

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Limited Edition Fine Art reproductions available for all of these images