Representational Fine Art of ...   
  David  Tutwiler   
                       &  Line' Tutwiler 
Also,  Charles B. Vickery 1913-1998 ...seascape master and 
O.P.A. Founding member


An Invitation to: FRIENDLY CONVERSATION by Line' Tutwiler             12 x 16 oil
Tutwiler Interview by Disney Studio's

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Chase With The Iron Horse  by David Tutwiler                                                                40 x 50 oil on canvas

LUCAS FILM Fine Art Giclee' reproductions on canvas now available

Tutwiler Fine Art
The Holy Face... in a time of suffering
In light of the current pandemonium and uncertainty we would like to offer peace and consolation to all who are suffering from the fear of the unknown and the worry about tomorrow. 
The future and security of everything is held by The Supreme Power above and beyond all things and will bring us Hope and consolation as we prayerfully place our trust in Him.
                     Original oil by David Tutwiler  collection of St. John Cantius Parish, Chicago Il.
New works completed for 
Holy Ghost Catholic Church Tiverton RI -2020
Altar Piece Artwork