The Artwork below is
 from the Skywalker Ranch Collection of 
George Lucas

The Hollywood connection...Star Wars (Art) Visions    
Abrams book Publishing, N.Y. N.Y.

Contacted by the LucasFilm Studios, we were invited by George Lucas, to be included in  an invitational book and exhibition project. 
About one hundred and thirty  artists were selected from across America and the world. 
These commissioned pieces were developed with the direct participation and suggestions of George Lucas.

 George Lucas Collection
Star Wars Visions
                                   & more...
The Palace Theed   ( triptych )  30x15 x 40x15 x 30x15    by Line' Tutwiler  ...SOLD
Yoda Archway 40 x 30 by Line' Tutwiler                                                     collection of George Lucas
The Droids Suprise  40 x 50 oil  by David Tutwiler                                       collection of George Lucas
                                                                                                                     Giclee' reproductions available
Out of the Darkness into the Light  20 x 24  by Line' Tutwiler           SOLD   collection of George Lucas
"Padme & Anakin Adrift" 40 x 50  by David Tutwiler                                 collection of George Lucas
The paintings below are the  works  that can be found in the STAR WARS VISIONS book.
Four out of the five of the originals were purchased by George Lucas for his private collection. 

An additional four originals were purchased by George Lucas in 2012.
All nine originals Star Wars theme paintings are shown below.

Officially Licensed Through Acme Archives 
(c) LucasFilm 
"SAVING FACE"       by David Tutwiler                                                  Giclee' reproductions available    
                                                                                                                          collection of George Lucas
THE DROID SUPRISE by Line' Tutwiler                          collection of George Lucas
                                                                                            Reproductions available
FOREST PERSUIT by Line' Tutwiler                                       Giclee' reproductions available
                                                                                                      collection of George Lucas
THE DROIDS VISTA by David Tutwiler                                                Giclee' reproductions available
                                                                                                          collection of George Lucas