On Consignment 
These Original works of art by Charles Vickery, are on consignment and offered for sale to the public from various private collections.
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STUDIED: The Chicago Art Institute & The American Academy of Fine Art

INFLUENCED BY: Fredrick Judd Waugh, Montague Dawson, Frank Vining Smith

CO-FOUNDER: Oil Painters of America

SELECTED MEMBERSHIPS: American Society of Marine Artists, Mystic Seaport Museum, Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art
Winner of numerous awards and accolades  in his lifetime including the coveted Diamond Medal Award of the Palette & Chisel Academy of Chicago

Charles B. Vickery 1913-1998

This artist, in his long and very successful Fine Art  career achieved a proficiency and expertise with his knowledge of the Marine subjects of water ships & the sea, by understanding the many variable moods and weather conditions  that effect the subject and by responding to it with applied talent, fervent study, and a great love and reverence for it's many subtle & variable conditions. He translated the subject with his personal genius and sensitive spirit and brought it to life on canvas. He deserved and earned the highest respect and admiration from the art community across America and the world. His work will find favor throughout  the ages by all who love and cherish the subject he new so well, and as time moves forward and history unfolds the master behind his skill, we believe his mark on the American Art scene will become more and more prevalent, enduring and sought after and in time collections and museums will clamor for his work.
Coastal Shore by Charles Vickery                                                          24 x 30 oil 
price on requerst
CLIPPER IN ROLLING SEAS  by Charles Vickery                                     24 x 30 oil on canvas 
Open Sea, Rolling Surf     by Charles Vickery                         16 x 20  oil on canvas 
Golden Sunset by Charles Vickery                                                          SOLD