Representational Fine Art of ...   
  David  Tutwiler   
                       &  Line' Tutwiler 
Also,  Charles B. Vickery 1913-1998 ...seascape master and 
O.P.A. Founding member

Selection of Fine Art Railroad  Images by David Tutwiler
An Invitation to: FRIENDLY CONVERSATION by Line' Tutwiler             12 x 16 oil
Age of Steam In Cincinnati: The Visiting Royal Scott 1933 24 x 36 by David Tutwiler OPA
 Now available as a Fine Art Giclee' on canvas
Tutwiler Interview
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Chase With The Iron Horse  by David Tutwiler                                                                40 x 50 oil on canvas

LUCAS FILM Fine Art Giclee' reproductions on canvas now available

Tutwiler Fine Art